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Modular fair structure




The entire surface can be printed


An ideal solution for your trade fair booth, exhibition stand, and promotional or event stand


Standard module in dimensions – 300 x 300 cm


Available heights: 250 cm and 300 cm



Polypropylene sheet, light, water-resistant, UV protection, sheet thickness: from 5 mm to 10 mm


The modular approach enables constructing different floor plans and sizes


Closing walls are available for areas separation thus creating higher functionality of space


Practical, light, easy transportation, fast set-up without tools

Simple, practical and effective

The Portal® is a simple, practical and functional modular system, developed as »easy to set-up« trade fair booth, exhibition stand or promotion and event stand. It is lightweight, foldable, simple to transport and easy to set up. The system doesn’t require any tools or expert personnel.
It is adaptable to many different uses, and with a completely printable surface, guarantees an excellent promotional effect.

The Portal® is available in heights of 250 cm and 300 cm, with standard module dimensions of 300 x 300 cm that can be expanded to a maximum of 386 x 386 cm. The system allows multiple layouts, floor plans and module sizes, adjustable to available exposition area.
Closing walls allow space manipulation within and around the structure.
We offer optional elements to the base system, which includes lighting, roof wall and setting up the entire structure with “key in hand” approach.